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Since 1947, Jeness Uniforms has built a reputation for outfitting the people of Norfolk with the latest fashionable uniforms that help you look and feel your best when you're on the job. We stock one of the largest selections of uniforms in the area with competitive prices that make shopping for work clothing easy and affordable. You'll find scrubs in any style you can imagine, and our friendly staff will help you find scrubs and other apparel in just the specifications you need. And with our selection of supportive shoes, medical accessories, and more, we have everything you're looking for to take on the work day. We've built a reputation for offering exceptional service that always puts our customers first, and we'll bring out those helpful, dedicated qualities in our presence online. Our content will showcase our extensive selection of scrubs as well as our longevity, and our voice will be helpful, approachable, experienced, and rooted in our community.


Hi, my name is Rich Cruce, and I am the owner of Jeness Uniforms. I am a retired Chief Petty Officer of the U.S. Navy. I always wants to hear from his customers. I have customer service as his number one priority, all day, every day. I hold customer service so highly that I will leave my email at the bottom of this email. If you ever feel that we do not meet your expectations, please let me know. If you have great customer service, please let me know that too. mailto:rich@jenessuniforms.com. If there are any improvements that you would like to see us implement, please let us know, my email is always open.

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So I have been encouraged to tell my story. Well that's just not what I do. But my wife is beautiful, brilliant, and most of persistent so here I go, and hopefully not too long. I grew up in Gainesville, Florida. Maybe one day I'll tell the childhood story but that will have to wait until another time, if anyone even wants to know.
I joined the U.S. Navy at 18 years old and after bootcamp and school I was sent to Sigonella, Sicily. There is a huge new story that will fit right here one day but I want to get to the new part.

Alas, I met my beautiful wife Christina close to the end of my career in the Navy. I deployed to Cuba with my squadron to help in the tragedy in Haiti during that time, which put some stress on our relationship, but we survived. I was retiring soon and I felt a calling to be a business owner and be my own boss. Christina's father, Tom, is a business owner. He owned Jeness Uniforms and in a way, I wanted to follow in his footsteps, even though I have just gotten to know him. I found a little uniform store in Fort Collins, Colorado that was for sale. After so serious talks with Christina, we decided to move to Colorado from Virginia to start our new life and career. Business was good and we soon found ourselves expanding and growing our company. Life was good.

Then one day we received a call from Charli, Christina's mom, asking us to Skype with them that evening after work. I know right, after work? Work never ends for our type; entrepreneurs. Well I was surprised that they even knew what Skype is. Tom and Charli proceeded to tell us that Tom had cancer and that he only had about six months to live. We were devastated. Christina and I married late in life so I was still just getting to know him. His is an intelligent and hard working entrepreneur and I had so much to learn from him. Well we all cried and talked about the end but work never ends, for my company or his.

Tom did not want to burden Christina or I with his business and he seeked out prospective buyers. After some time, he found one and attempted to sell the business and move back to Kansas City, where his and Charli's family is at. Tom wasn't doing very well so Christina and her sister traveled to Virginia to help care for their father. While Christina was traveling, Tom called my and told me that the deal fell through and asked if I would purchase his business. You see, this was part of his and Charli's retirement and more then anything, he wanted Charli to want for nothing, especially when he was gone.

To be continued....